Low Price Guarantee

HelmetCountry.com will NOT be undersold!

We will beat any product competitor's advertised price in the USA!

If you see a HelmetCountry.com product advertised on the website of a manufacturer authorized dealer located in the USA, at a price that is lower than HelmetCountry.com's price, then you can take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee in one of two ways:

Enter the details of the item you are price matching on our Contact us page or, Call us at 1-877-837-0047. We will need the following information:

a. The website address

b. Their part number and price

c. The HelmetCountry.com part number

We'll check out the web site. Once we confirm their price and determine that they actually can ship the item, we will match and or beat the competitor's advertised price. We will also match their shipping charge.

We cannot price match websites outside of the USA. Competitors prices must be in US dollars. We can only beat the competitors advertised price before you purchase a product from HelmetCountry.com. Clearance and Closeout items are excluded from the price match guarantee.